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The Euterpe Music Awards are open to vocalists, instrumentalists (piano, string, wind and percussion instruments) and interpreters of chamber music of all nationalities. At EMA we value artists with broad artistic vision and stage presence. Our main objective is to discover up-and-coming young artists and give them support in launching their international careers.

This platform offers a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of classical music. It is also a way for musicians to make themselves known to an international audience and, in the case of the youngest musicians, to make their debut before an international jury.

The main purpose of the EMA is to support musical creativity and motivate talented artists, to promote their continued development and to help popularize classical music in contemporary society. It is an online music competition that offers the opportunity to showcase the talent and performance skills of musicians around the world. The Classical Music Company, organises The Euterpe Music Awards.

The Gala Concert will take place in Berlin in the last quarter of 2023.

The deadline for Application to the EMA is December 18th, 2022.