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𝄢 All contestants will be awarded with diplomas (E-Certificate)

𝄢 Contestants who win a Platinum Award, worth 100 points, will be awarded a cash prize of €1.000 for soloists and €2.000 per ensemble.

𝄢 A selection of winners will participate in the nomination round where they can win special prizes and choose to participate in the Gala in Berlin during the second half of 2023.

𝄢 Winners of the Platinum Prize will have their photo and biography published on the website with an individual link to multimedia content.

𝄢 Teachers and accompanists may receive a certificate for a portfolio on request.

𝄢 Our goal is to provide continuous support to the winners to help them promote and develop their music study and career in international performance stages.



A selection of nominees will be invited to appear at the Gala Concert that will take place in Berlin in the last quarter of 2023. All those awarded prizes will receive special diplomas that will be sent by email in high resolution digital format.

Special Awards:

Best Little Star Pianist
Best Young Pianist
Best Professional Pianist
Best Tiny Star String  Player
Best Young String Player
Best Professional String Player
Best Tiny Star Woodwind Player
Best Young Woodwind Player
Best Professional Woodwind Player
Best Tiny Star Brasswind Player
Best Young Brasswind Player
Best Professional Brasswind Player
Best Tiny Star Percussion Player
Best Young Percussion Player
Best Professional Percussion Player
Best Tiny Star Chamber Ensemble
Best Young Musicians’ Chamber Ensemble
Best Professional Chamber Ensemble
Best Tiny Star Voice
Best Young Voice
Best Professional Voice



Only a selection of laureates will be invited to participate in the EMA Gala Concert.

All participants in the Gala Concert will be responsible for paying their own travel, accommodation and living expenses.

During the Gala Concert, the participants waive the right to financial remuneration for their performance and its online or televised broadcasting.

Under 18s will be the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians. The EMA organisation will at no point be responsible for their actions.

EMA reserves the right to make any changes to the basis and other information relating to the event.

The deadline for registration to the AIMA is December 18th, 2022.